Lens Choice

Many different factors determine what type of contact lenses are best for you. Because of this, an eye examination performed by Dr. Anderson at Clear Lake Optometry is an important first step you should take in determining which lens is best.

Most daily and extended wear soft contact lenses are recommended for frequent replacement. These lenses offer you the opportunity to maximize your vision while maintaining excellent eye health.

Here are some of the choices Dr. Anderson may recommend for you.

    • Toric and Bifocal contact lenses – These are daily wear frequent replacement lenses recommended for wearing up to 2 weeks. They must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

      Toric and Bifocal daily wear contact lenses can also be worn continuously for up to 6 consecutive nights as single-use, extended wear, disposable soft contact lenses. This means you can leave them in while sleeping but they should be discarded and replaced at the end of the extended period. However, sleeping with lenses may cause complications. If you have any questions, please speak with Dr. Anderson.


  • 1 Day Contact Lenses – are recommended for single-use daily disposable lenses. In other words, you wear them during working hours then remove them and throw them away before you go to sleep at night. Each morning when you wake you replace them with a fresh pair. This solution is hassle free as you don’t have to disinfect the clean the lenses. There is also reduced risk of complications by leaving them on when you sleep. You also don’t have to worry about allergic reactions to cleaning solutions.