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Menicon Unique pH®, formerly Alcon Unique pH, is a highly effective and well respected multipurpose solution for gas permeable contact lenses.

Simply by soaking it removes dirt, protein deposits and debris from your contact lenses. No separate daily cleaner is required.

This solution conditions lenses by adjusting to the eye’s natural tear pH to enhance the wettability and comfort of gas permeable contact lenses on insertion. This formula is designed to provide a soothing effect during lens wear.

The solution disinfects lenses using antimicrobial agents, which destroy harmful microorganisms (germs), commonly found on the surfaces of lenses.

Unique-pH Multi Purpose Solution may also be used to dilute a daily protein remover for simultaneous enzymatic cleaning during conditioning.

Product Details

A multi-purpose solution for gas permeable contact lenses
Cleans, conditions, and disinfects in one bottle
Provides customized lens wear, comfort-based on individual tear pH
Novel formula adjusts solution characteristics for lens care

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Weight .8125 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 7 in