Nature’s Tears


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Nature’s Tears® is an all-natural EyeMist® containing Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture grade water-pure, pH correct and bio-compatible with the eye’s natural tear film. Restores lost moisture to the tear film’s dlicate aqueous layer, the skin of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes. Nature’s Tears is not eye drops.

Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® for dry, irritated eyes.

  • 100% Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water
  • Safe, sterile and quickly applied in a one second sweep.
  • No tear film flooding.
  • Preservative and chemical free
  • Doubles tear film moisture
  • Contact-lens compatible
  • Sooths computer eye irritation
  • Non allergenic/preservative free
  • No dosage limit



With the applicator nozzle pointed towards you, depress the top of the Nature’s Tears EyeMist canister, leaving eyes opened, and mist in a sweep across the eyes for one to two seconds.

Remember that only a minuscule amount of mist must enter your eyes for Nature’s Tears EyeMist to be effective. It is OK if you blink.

NOTE:Nature’s Tears EyeMist may be applied while wearing contact lenses.


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